Office 365 Email Backup

A significant number of businesses are moving to Office 365. When it comes to backup and restore of critical email though, you need to be clear on what your options are.

Office 365 is a great tool, and it makes perfect sense for businesses to migrate over to it. It’s cost effective, you no longer must maintain a physical server and it offers a tremendous amount of powerful resources right out of the box. But what about recovery of deleted emails and accounts? What happens when you delete an email and need to get it back? Surely Microsoft has thought about this and put measures in place to protect us. Well yes and no. If you delete an email and then empty out your deleted items bin, it can be recovered for 30 days (14 days by default). After this it’s gone (as in gone for good). There is no way to recover needed items from an users account. What if you un-license a user account that has left the company? Same thing. You have 30 days before all the email in that account is wiped out. Microsoft has the 14 day safety net in place, but that’s it. It’s your responsibility to back up your email, calendars, and contacts long term. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize this until it’s too late, and they need to get an email back or an entire account restored. You can see why this becomes a critical issue for a law firm or a private medical practice.

CTS now provides a simple, modern backup and data protection solution for Office 365. The service handles deleted and changed items. We can restore email, calendar, and contact items that have been deleted (or lost due to a data purge). This is a useful addition to our hybrid onsite / cloud data backup solution. Get peace of mind knowing that all email accounts at your organization are protected with these benefits:

  • Retention up to 7 years
  • Backup runs every 2 hours
  • All data processing and storage is kept regional
  • HIPAA and SOX compliant

For questions about how to add this service please contact us at or call us at (540) 431-4161.